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The Ultimate Guide to Catering an Outdoor Summer Party in Northern Virginia

Summer means long sun-soaked days, crickets chirping at sunset, enjoying a cold drink to cool down, and getting together with friends and family outdoors. The summer months offer the perfect opportunity to cater an outdoor summer party. 

Learn tips for catering a  summer party in Northern Virginia.

From the patriotic celebrations of Memorial Day, Labor Day, Juneteenth, and the Fourth of July, to the joyous occasions of graduation parties, or simply the desire to bask in the weather with friends, there’s always a reason to cater an outdoor summer party in Northern Virginia. 

When planning an outdoor party in the thick Virginia heat, there are plenty of factors to consider to keep your guests cool, comfortable, and well-fed with professionally prepared catered food. 

Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone or hosting a long-awaited family reunion, you’ll want to know the top tips for catering an outdoor summer party in Northern Virginia. 

Useful Tips for Catering an Outdoor Summer Party

Catering an outdoor summer party requires a lot of planning and calculation. You have to consider the food, the guests, the venue, and, of course, the weather. 

With these helpful tips, you’ll quickly become a master at planning and catering an outdoor summer party.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

Choosing where to host your outdoor summer party is the first step in the planning process. Whether you decide to host the event in your own backyard, rent out a park, or an official outdoor venue, it’s important to fully envision your event taking place. 

Consider the amenities it has to offer, such as bathrooms, seating for guests to enjoy their food, and places with shade to cool off from the hot summer sun. There should also be a clean place in the shade to have the catering. 

Find the Right Catering Menu

Set the tone for your summer party by choosing the right catering menu. 

Think grilled meats, fresh salads, colorful in-season fruits and vegetables, and delicious wraps made with locally sourced ingredients. Now that’s summer on a menu! 

Finding a caterer with dishes that match the theme of your outdoor summer party is the next most difficult part of planning. But it doesn’t have to be when you choose Cafesano Italian & Mediterranean Bistro

Mediterranean dishes scream summer party. While in Northern Virginia, you can imagine yourself enjoying a delectable shrimp kabob on the beach in Italy with Cafesano’s catering at your outdoor event. 

Check out Cafesano’s Catering Menu for ideas of what to serve at your outdoor summer party in Northern Virginia. 

Consider Dietary Restrictions

The classic summer barbecue cookout features hamburgers, hotdogs, and ribs with a side of potato salad. It’s important to consider any dietary restrictions to make all of your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. 

When choosing a catering menu, make sure to include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. 

The last thing you want is for a guest to leave hungry because they couldn’t have anything on the menu.

Have a Rainy Day Plan

Late summer afternoon thunderstorms are quite common in Northern Virginia. With an average rainfall of 3.77 inches just in July, it’s important for hosts to have a backup plan for their outdoor summer party in case of rain. 

Whether you move the event inside or rent a large tent to cover your guests and food, having a plan B is one of the smartest things you can do. 

Make sure to communicate your backup plan to any vendors and caterers who may be setting up or working at your party for a smooth experience. 

Set Up Hydration Stations

The summer days get fairly hot in Northern Virginia. When catering an outdoor summer party, it’s important to set up hydration stations equipped with water, flavored water, juice, and ice for your guests. 

Keep Guests (and Food) Cool

Choosing the right food is essential to catering a summer outdoor party in Northern Virginia.

Along with your hydration stations, it’s important to provide shaded areas with seating where your guests can escape the beating sun. 

Using tents or structures located at the venue to put seating, fans, and tables is a great way to keep your guests cool.

When catering an outdoor summer party, it’s also important to have a dedicated shaded area for the food. You’ll want to avoid having food directly in the sun as it could spoil quickly. 

Insect Control

When the weather gets warm, you can expect everyone and everything to enjoy the summer, including insects. 

In Northern Virginia, you’ll likely find ants and mosquitoes as unwelcomed guests at your outdoor summer party. 

Combat these insects from joining the party with citronella candles, bug-repellant spray, and electric zappers. This is ideal if your outdoor party will go into the night when the creepy crawlies come out to play. 

Creative Serving Solutions

Catering an outdoor summer party is more than just providing delicious food; it’s also about how you serve and present it. 

Find festive plates and napkins and use serving trays or picnic baskets for bread and rolls to enhance the theme and sophistication of your outdoor party.

Going the extra mile with the details makes all the difference to your guests! 

Cafesano: North Virginia’s Preferred Caterer for Outdoor Summer Parties

The most helpful tip when planning and catering a summer outdoor party is to find a reliable and professional caterer. 

Look no further than Cafesano Italian & Mediterranean Bistro

With two physical locations in Northern Virginia, we’re branching out and bringing our favorite dishes right to your door with our catering services. 

Whether you’re hosting a celebratory party, corporate event, or family reunion, we have something for every occasion for guests with every type of diet. 

Nothing sets the mood for a summer party like a flavorful and colorful Mediterranean meal. Did we also mention that our food is heart-healthy? So you and your guests can enjoy it guilt-free!  

Expect beautifully presented meals and appetizers delivered right to your home or event venue. With just one phone call or online order, you can impress your guests while sitting back and enjoying the party. 

Start your catering order from Cafesano for your next outdoor summer party today!