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Cafesano Italian & Mediterranean Bistro

Where to Go for the Best Happy Hour in Dulles, VA

After a long day at work, there is nothing better than getting together with a friend or colleague over a perfectly crafted cocktail at the best happy hour in Dulles, Virginia. 

Get the best happy hour specials in Dulles at Cafesano.

Where is the best happy hour in Dulles, you ask? 

It’s at Cafesano: Italian & Mediterranean Bistro right in the Dulles Town Center! 

With rustic charm, friendly staff, and crisp, refreshing cocktails, Cafesano undoubtedly offers the best happy hour around. 

Whether you’re celebrating a victory at work, catching up with an old friend, or relaxing after a stressful day, Cafesano serves exactly what you want (and need) during happy hour. 

Cafesano: The Best Happy Hour in Dulles

You can have your pick of happy hours around town, but Cafesano’s is by far the best. Aside from the perfectly crafted, perfectly measured, and perfectly delicious cocktails, there are plenty of savory side dishes to pair with your drink of choice. 

Our Mediterranean-inspired menu has heart-healthy options and some delectable finger snacks that will satisfy any craving. 

Cafesano’s happy hour is more than just about our classic cocktail selection and great deals, though. It’s about your entire happy hour experience! 

Our staff is ready to welcome you and cater to your needs, whether it’s an extra napkin for the table or an extra shot in your cocktail. 

Cafesano Happy Hour Specials

Come take advantage of our happy hour special prices every day, Monday to Thursday, from 3 and 6 PM at Cafesano. 

Our happy hour deals include:

  • $1 off all wines
  • $1 off all beers
  • $2 off all cocktails

Our menu consists of a variety of wines, tap beers, and classic cocktails for any occasion. 


Arguably the most classic cocktail on our happy hour menu is the martini. 

Would you like that shaken or stirred? 

Made famous by James Bond, the Martini actually has a fairly mysterious history. There are multiple stories about the cocktail’s invention, spanning from France in the 18th century to Wall Street in the early 20th century. 

Some say the martini evolved from the Manhattan, while others credit a Frenchman who loved drinking a mix of gin and white wine. 

Either way, Cafesano’s skilled bartenders know how to make the perfect martini with just the right amount of gin or vodka, vermouth, and a zesty twist of lemon. 

Old Fashioned

If a dark and cozy cocktail is more your style, then you’ll fall in love with our Old Fashioned. 

Dating back to the 1800s, Old Fashioneds were a style of cocktail rather than a strict recipe. Some old recipes called for Mezcal instead of bourbon. 

When the Prohibition took place, fruits like orange slices and cherries were added to take the edge off of the bootlegged alcohol. You’ll often still find an orange twist or a Maraschino cherry as a garnish today. 

Old Fashioned cocktails consist of just three ingredients: bourbon, bitters, and simple syrup.

French 75

Introduced during World War I in Paris, the French 75 was originally made with brandy, gin, lemon juice, and grenadine. 

Today, it has evolved into a perfect mixture of champagne or prosecco, gin, and St. Germain, and garnished with a lemon twist, this cocktail truly packs a punch. 

The cocktail was so strong that it was actually named after the French 75 mm gun used during the war. 

If you’re looking for a classic cocktail served in a champagne flute that has a kick to it, the French 75 is it.


Known as the national drink of Brazil, the caipirinha cocktail originated in Sao Paulo in the early 20th century. 

Originally, the cocktail was used to ease the symptoms of the Spanish Flu during World War I. It was made with Cachaça, a liquor derived from sugar cane, garlic, honey, and lime. 

The modern Caipirinha often substitutes cachaça with rum and mixes it with simple syrup and lime. However, Cafesano stays true to the cocktail’s origins and uses cachaça to make our delicious and refreshing caipirinhas. 

Espresso Martini

Get the best espresso martini in Dulles at Cafesano's happy hour.

Legend has it that the espresso martini was invented in 1983 when a supermodel asked a bartender to make her a cocktail that would wake her up and energize her.

So, the bartender took a shot of espresso, vodka, and coffee liqueur, and shook it up in a martini shaker to create the first-ever espresso martini. 

Espresso martinis are arguably the perfect happy hour cocktail. It has the vodka to relax you after a long day, but caffeine to keep you going when you have things to do at home. 


Cafesano has a great selection of national and international wines in our cellar. Spanning across the globe to Italy, Argentina, France, and even New Zealand, there is a wine for every palette. 

Whether you’re looking for something light and refreshing, such as our Italian Pinot Grigio, or something deeper, like our California Merlot, we have what you’re craving. 

Wine is the perfect drink, especially if your happy hours tend to turn into dinners. You can carry the drink right into your meal, and our experienced servers will even help you pair your wine with the perfect dish. 

Plan Your Next Happy Hour at Cafesano

Everyone needs a neighborhood happy hour with great deals and even better cocktails. Cafesano is the best happy hour in Dulles, VA, for those looking for just that! 

Our cozy ambiance and outdoor terrace are perfect for gathering with friends, meeting a colleague, or coming to unwind after a long day. 

Our friendly bartenders and staff are welcoming and ready to craft the perfect happy hour drink and snacks just for you. 

Taste our fresh Mediterranean flavors and crisp cocktails in Dulles Town Center today!