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Take-Out: It’s What’s for Lunch

6 Reasons Why Take-Out Is A Better Lunch Option Today



No one can be productive on an empty stomach, but remembering to eat properly during a packed day – and finding a quick-casual restaurant in Reston that serves fresh, flavorful food– can be difficult.


Rather than bringing last night’s limp dinner to the communal microwave, why not pick up the phone or go online to order lunch today?


More than ever before, here’s why take-out is the perfect option for busy professionals like you.


1. Order Anytime, Anywhere

Especially if your busy day involves moving from place to place, taking your lunch with you just isn’t practical. Carrying food can also lead to smelling like your lunch, which isn’t professional. What’s more, if you’re too busy to find a microwave or it’s already occupied when you’re on your break, you’re stuck eating cold food.


Take-out solves all of these problems. Whether on-the-road or in the office, call upon Cafesano, a Mediterranean & Italian restaurant in Reston, to pick up freshly prepared food between errands, meetings, or projects.


2. Healthy Options

falafel pita wrap

Meals easily transported from home tend to be unhealthy – and if they’re healthy, they’re generally not filling. A ham and cheese sandwich isn’t a nutritious lunch, and an apple won’t fuel you through the workday.


Cafesano has a wide variety of take-out options guaranteed to leave you satisfied and keep you healthy. Our Italian and Mediterranean menu selections include everything from home-made hummus and falafel to brick oven pizzas and hot Panini sandwiches.


Whether you’re topping a fresh salad with your protein of choice or choosing from our vegetarian and gluten-free menu options, you can stay healthy and satisfied with the right take-out choices.


3. Convenience

Some people don’t like talking on the phone. For others, it’s just faster to order online, particularly if they’re on the computer already. Online ordering has taken off as one of the most popular ways to order take-out. It’s quick, convenient, and leaves you free to work until your food is ready – not to mention the online ordering at Cafesano remembers your favorite orders and billing information for easy order completion.


Eating well has never been simpler.


4. Rainy Day Rescue

Gloomy days can really put a damper on things, especially if you and your colleagues were planning to dine at a restaurant in Reston for lunch. Instead, consider the convenience of online take-out ordering.


From our warm, hearty soups to our freshly grilled meat or vegetarian kabobs, Cafesano has just the thing to make your day a little brighter. And if the whole office is ready to order, we’ll deliver it right to your business (for orders over $100).


5. It Works for Dinner Too

If you’ve had a long day at work, going home to cook is usually the last thing you want to do. As a result, you’re likely to resort to easy, but unhealthy choices such as frozen meals full of trans fat and preservatives. Over time, this diet takes its toll.


Fortunately, Cafesano take-out offers a convenient, nutritious solution. A phone call or online order is all it takes to have a flavorfully prepared, healthy, delicious meal waiting for the whole family after a tiring workday.


6. Great for Entertaining

cafesano-mediterranean-food-reston5If you’re having friends over after work, meal preparation can turn into a big job. Avoid the hassle by ordering take-out from Cafesano.


From brick oven pizzas with the freshest ingredients to kabob platters and wraps, our variety of tasty foods are guaranteed to please any crowd.


Is your dinner party or event on a larger scale? Cafesano has you covered!


In addition to our quick and easy take-out options, we also offer a variety of catering platters that are sure to suit every palate or dietary restriction. From our homemade hummus dip trays to our fresh falafel or panini platters, Cafesano Catering is a hit at any event.


Enjoy Fresh & Nutritious Take-Out Today

Our diverse menu options can please even the pickiest eater. Grabbing a meal or having visitors should be enjoyable, not stressful.


Don’t waste time wondering which restaurant in Northern Virginia to frequent – Cafesano has what you need to make every meal memorable. So relax – we’ve got you covered.


Visit Cafesano’s website to learn more about our delicious take-out options and place your order for lunch today!


What are your favorite workday lunches?