Catering in Herndon, VA

Catering in Herndon, VApizza-catering-herndon-virginia

Herndon is located to the west of Reston just a short drive away. This proximity and our delicious food make Cafesano a perfect solution for anyone looking for catering in Herndon, VA. Our catering menu is extremely versatile and is suitable for any type of event from a small family get-together to a lunch brainstorming session in the office.

If you work in Herndon, consider stopping by for lunch at Cafesano and don’t forget to bring something back for your colleagues.

Not unsure which event calls for catering? Consider this: food is a great motivator.

Whether you are hosting a workshop, a networking event, a celebration, a fundraiser or any other type of gathering, you are likely to get more attendees if you include free breakfast or lunch in the program. Why? Because free food makes the event fail-safe: if it fails to provide value, at least it will help curb the hunger.

You can settle for bare minimum, but if your food manages to impress, it’s just another way your guests will remember you. We’ve heard only positive feedback from our patrons who use Cafesano for catering in Herndon, VA. We hope you’ll enjoy it too.